1. I don’t know why you think Smitty wouldn’t like this. Tear-up, I know, but it would have been nice for him to know people remembered and cared before we lost him.
    Thank you, Priest!!

    1. Don´t take the wrong way it was me saying ” that son is a girly song” for the man. Specially at his time in history I doubt he could listen to that, but who knows.
      My point, actually two, you are technologically advance since I see that you put all those great pictures by the way on the comment and I have no clue how you do it.
      Second point- I forgot so Merry Christmas to you GP

      1. In Jesus….. read this to Jesus since nothig really, you even might laugh
        tired of the fucking jesus and being the nice-idiot one. and do belive that post, it is me.
        Punk the ….
        love ya

        And this one is also a bitch for me

  2. Thankful there are places in this world who remember the truth. Praying America will again, someday, hold our soldiers and flag as precious to us.

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