Qite the title that one, yet is true and I don´t see blue.
3 days ago I call my mother, she doesn´t pick up, I call father…
He picks up. Tells me my mother is in ICU. She does has terminal cancer
But 3 days ago it really hit me(He could have told me before). Writting it now, quite frustrating
to not be able to see her( I had been in that hospital numerous of times)
and take care of her. Believe it or not I´m pretty good at keeping the calm
and making her laugh… at me that is, but I know she is good to go.
Not this time, my mother doesn´t even want the cell phone so I can´t communicate
obviously. I can´t show up in the hospital. I don´t know really, better to
switch off and watch a porn. Nothing I can do. We knew this day was coming,
no crying with dad, that is a no no in my family but my guess is that mother would
like to see I didn´t go off the cliff completely. JUst a weird thought, might ass well
get into learning, really learning how to write.

Have a great day gents and gentesses.


    1. I don´t want this to be a sorry for you story, but it is actually more of a tribute for not only my mother but my father.
      I really appreciate the comment…

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