Can´t take a bow (poem)

This is survival or what?
Can´t say what I know is not!

Just is not in me
believe it
or not

Judicial system went against me
until the truth came reality
which is not the normality

Saying the truth
most of the times leaves you
in just a mess to tell you the truth

I just couldn´t back down
even when my own attorney told me
to say I was wrong

For a lighter sentence
when I didn´t do it
I just couldn´t say it
say I was wrong, no
I couold be a clown

But the truth seems sometimes….it does just means.

So I just couldn´t take a bow, for lies of another clown
guess I was lucky this time
saying the truth may work sometimes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Frosty? Freakin freezing!
    SO a lie to get it easier…or the truth – to get the raw end?
    Truth is relative to outcome hey. :/ A lie – can make so much go away, but it never changes the truth we know, and I guess, SOMETIMES it doesn’t matter if our truth is not heard, if it will make other people and their lies shut up.
    God that is so hard actually Mr Priest Sir – I find lies (any lies) so flippin hard to do or accept – but am seeing more and more…how common it is in all reality.
    Oh – that was a downer.
    Back to being frosty (and freezing 😉 )

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