Architect of words

It´s all in the wording really so start reading and stop snoring-
they say that orange doesn´t rhyme with anything, that is not exciting nor creative writing mind of the minding.
I just figured I could say orange was in the storage or a better more urban word like porrange like in “I have to
do a porrange of things today go to the doctor then become an actor and commit suicide by laughter”, so we
have to decipher how to brake down the syllables in the wording to make them sound out loud the same as you
where walking and singing in a cloud, with the M of the Eminem, happy days happy times with a lot of rhymes.
I also like cool fancy words, like Abattoir where they can slit open an alligator the ultimate of the predator
or another fancy pancy word like Aeipathy, which could translate as my passion for writting that was an epiphany.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Yes, certainly, a very deep thinker indeed. It is quite a discovery! Charly Einstein the Priest sounds very interesting! 😀

    1. Thank´s, yes you´re right. I do have a little man crush with Eminem so since I have never studied poetry, I just pick up little things here and there by reading other real poets here in wordpress, well point being that yes, quite an amount of my poetry if you read it out loud it does tend to sound kind of rap type.
      Going over to your site…………..not there yet, but in one second.

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