The boots are made for walking

Sorry Vietnam vets I went to afghan.. something like shit.
And first Irak quick.
You certainly had it worse than me, but now we are in the age
of the internet, hell,i can look anything in internet
but do remember
this thing, you have problems…well,I also did like the rest of us,
so better get out of bed with a fucking smile.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I can remember when this was filmed in London’s Docklands just as Canary Wharf was being flattened for trendy Flats and gated communities. The area has no soul anymore look around and all you see are the trappings of wealth, fast cars and Penthouses…. makes me sick

    1. And me too makes me sick, did you say filmed in London? Holly wackamoly I will tell you a story, without a butt sticking out, here we go

      the music is cheesy, and a piece of shitty, but those fucking mountains and the people you will never forget.

      By the way, got a nice girl for me or what?

      1. Yep all those half demolished buildings are ‘Beckton Gas Works’ all gone now and the palm trees are ALL fake plastic ones, every tree lol isn’t a real palm tree. An eary place I just about remember it as a boy.

        Afraid not, I haven’t fucked a woman since before Christmas and I so miss licking pussy :/

      2. 😀 yes it did sound a bit but I know you’re straight. I might show my butt……… might.

      3. Me I spent all night in bed with a naked french guy dhit scared he was going to make a move!!!!!!

    1. I´m fucking sitting in a room tha it might me less tan 0 degrees, I even have problems typing since I cant feel my hands, but at leat I got a roof over me,and my cool computer, so to the point….. of course it was an awesome video… I do like asian

      1. Not tired, i can go on for a week. When the shit hits the fan is when i get pumpped up, but i have to stay in this freaking room so i don´t get into trouble

  2. I have no comment and I have earned the right to keep my mouth shut. When my youngest son got home from Irac, we having coffee together and he looked at me and said, “I understand you much better now.”
    I asked, “Oh, Do you want to talk about it?” He answered no. A few seconds passed then he asked me, “Do you want to talk about it?”
    So Charly I know you know what IT is!
    Hope you and I can have coffee together someday!

    1. If is coffe mocha then yes 😉
      You know what was the departing words from my mother when I was calling her to tell her I was going to Afghanscrap?
      “Bring back some sand from there”…. Go figure that one, (funny woman) but no crying and with that she knew she boosted my moral.

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