Sitting in a half a century year old wooden chair in my dark cold room
Listening to people talking and laughing as they pass by my window
Smoking one cigarette after another seeing the smoke fill the little bubble I live in
Feeling alone
I find inner peace
There is an amount of gratitude in my solitude

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I figured out some time ago, that loneliness is part of life. Hopefully is not a great part of life, but there are times that you will not be surrounded by people so you can talk to about your problems or dreams or whatever and that is fine. A person should be fine with that. Plus lately….. a lot of humans annoy me!! 😉

      1. Same here…I have started enjoying my company more than anyone’s else! Either people don’t understand me or its other way round.
        Sometimes I feel I grew up in a sense and can’t take part in foolish chats.

    1. I´m good with it, I don´t need and really I don´t like to be constantly talking or being sorrounded by people. That is part why I don´t use wassup, I like to be on my own. Not that I´m a hermit, but I like an alone time for me, for my writing and just being alone and think about some of my things. But don´t think too much though or you´ll go nuts on yourself.

    1. I live in a very small town in the outskirts of Madrid, there is absolutely nothing to do around here, no movies, no libraries, only bars and bars and the same old people day in day out. I actually get out quite little since they bore me. People bore me!! (that is not normal) always talking about this and that, gossip and gossip bores me to death.
      What I do is go to other towns that I know some people that are normal (I forgot to tell you that in my little town is full of marrocans and south americans and they are all dealing drugs or robbing, hence I try to keep to myself) and this is why today I can use a computer. Thankfully I think I can stay here for a couple of weeks and not in that crappy town, the reason I live there is because of the rent that is 130 Euros.

      1. I am asking because I happened to meet a nice young guy from Madrid, and he looks a little bit like you 🙂 I told him about you and he asked what town you are from. And I didn’t know. He left Ireland last week, nice young chap.

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