respect the enemy

That title came from hearing too many war documentaries,
but if I think about it, I did respect them in the sense
that they knew what they where doing. At least that respect
of so called professionalism in the army, now I retract that,
since I don´t respect shit faces like those Taliban non Islam
nut cases, because we where more nuts! Fuck respect these military
documentaries, I´ll go with my own diaries, shoot at me or my friends,yes,
good technique you(taliban nut faces) got over there or whatever maneauveur you´re doing,
fuck that, no respect, gotta be aware of it and the different obtions they might
use to flank you or whatever duuuuude, and respond accordingly trying to do the
manouver, fuck respect, I killed them for fun at the end, fuck them.
I did say at the end, ” Kill them for fun”…no regret.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Ths is your fault that I´m sober, if I´m not sober the alcohol makes me
chill, unlike most humans.

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