What´s changed?

Mother and Father asked me “what has changed?”
I looked at father a simply said, “I´m back”.
Take the fucking pack
Smoke some snack

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses (yes you gentesses are inferiour… 😉 no politcal correctness here)
Plus you know I love you, specially women by the way, I also love guys in another way that is,
but…. got myself a snot.

Have a great Sunday gents and gentesse… I did fucking repeat myself, damn with this coron and hospital,
mom is still alive though, so that is good, now the crazy self proclaimed girlfriend on my fathers facebook
is still calling, so I just put on the music

which by the way my mother loves that series and the music, but she is unresponsive,
so got the other crazy one calling me telling me how bad she feels for my situation…. yep,
you feel bad, specially trying to put me in prison for you lies, very bad you feel, this bitch,
I should not use the the B word, but for crying out loud, this woman I think she gets up
in the morning and inmediately start thinking how to screw other people up, not only me,
for now it seems I´m her primary target but she does it with everyone, just a narcissist-sociopath.
What has changed?


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