Saturday wake up!

10. am here I am
a Saturday sober as wam bam?
wake up call
nothing small
it´s freaking Saturday
go yeah! or hay!
ha ha punk
i just saw a skunk
no, i see, breath early morning Saturday breeze
no regret or despair just repair
early morning
no snoring
just working
happiness lurking

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


  1. Things on the up brother?
    Has the leg finally healed?
    This poem makes me think that today is a good day for you. Fresh and full of hope.

    1. Looong way to healing, just starting to do some basic rehabilitation movements. Yeah, just woke up happy screamed at the dogs in happiness, scared the shit out of them then, and then decided to sit down and type whatever came to mind.

      1. How’s the weather?
        Here it is freaking fucked up.
        1 hour ago it was raining.
        Then, it snowed for about 20 minutes.
        Now it is blue skies and glorious sunshine…UK has really shit weather.

      2. Sorry for the delay response, it was my time to do rehabilitation, for 3 weeks at least before I can put preassure or walk on the right foot.

        The weather here is…I´m just freezing my eyeballs off, and it did snow last week, and the same here I woke up to a dark sky thinking it was going to drop all the water it could, suddenly some rays of sun and now back to dark sky´s.

        What is weird is that it snowed there in the U.K, I know you can´t let know where the devil is lurking but in London…in my almost 3 months there I only saw rain, rain, and then more rain. And the days with sun, running quickly to Hyde Park to catch one of those green ugly chairs.

      3. Well the south of England is almost tropical on comparison to the north of England, where Henry is currently residing. In London they even have cockroaches! No cockroaches up here, they got more sense than me

    1. Good morning Mrs.Tink, I just woke up in a good mood. Even started having a conversation with the two dogs, they did find it kind of weird though. At least it´s the impression they gave me, and I think the female dog actually stuck her tongue at me…..

    1. No can´t do, it´s my cool little skunk , thank´s for the reblog by the way. I´m just going to go there and hit LIKE, I´m actually going to hit like my own poem like a big cool narcissist.

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