My mom has an enemy….called google!!

The conversation
Mom- I don´t like people following me.

Son- What? ( a bit confuse as to where this came from all of a sudden)

Mom- People in the internet follow me

Son- Mom, who in the world is following you if you rarely get in the internet

Mom- google

Son-google what?!!!

Mom- google follows me, I hate that.

Son-How in the world is google going to follow you, is this going in the same
direction as to the “cloud” thing.

Mom- What cloud?

Son- You know when you said you send emails and they get lost in a cloud….

Mom- Shut up idiot, I´m talking now about google following me.

Son-Google doesn´t follow anybody!! (my face turning red)

Mom- Yes they do, I type a word for them to search and then I get a message
telling me that nothing is found with that word, and they keep sending me
more messages.

Son- (thinking, what the, this woman has gone the deep end) Mom it´s a
notification telling you that they haven´t found anything related with what
you have put in the search, they´re helping you.

Mom- I don´t want anybody helping me! Let alone a computer that knows every
move I make, a person follows me, it irritates me.

Son- You fucking kidding me….

Mom-No, and stop swearing, but I hate that google person.

Son- Is not a person.

Mom-Well how does it know what I´m searching and then it also gives me ideas
as to what I would like to see,I know what I like to see, why does this person
has to tell me what I want to see.

Son- If you click in certain places it tracks that and then it gives you web pages
that you might be interested in,is not like you have to go there by force.

Mom- See? I told you, that person is following me.

Son- (sighs)

Mom- ( a smirk on her face)

Forgot, father- laughing out loud, nodding his head.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Your mother is just too much!! How funny! How do you explain to her the basics of computers? You could actually do a comic strip on this. I laughed the whole time I read this conversation, Charlie!!! LOL ❤

    1. Now I´m confused by this woman, now she says that she actually in a strange way she likes it because she can have a conversation with the computer and insult it, so she can vent her frustrations…… I should do a comic strip about it. No wonder I come up with my “masterful ideas” coming from this woman´s womb.

  2. Well the truth is that I have heard a few serious debates about this very topic – and about suggestions from search history and using data to profile and filter searches – tell your mom to try the search engine called “duck duck go” if she does not want to be tracked –
    Anyhow – I like how you gave us the dialogue and shared this – and funny because I have heard at least three folks discuss this very topic – about Google and Facebook – how amazing they are and then the question of or privacy – hmmmmmm

    1. If I send her to duck duck go….who knows.

      Plus she was just being sort of like me when I say this naive silly things, just a strange way of making conversation since we where all sitting around the table eating and not speaking.
      Did bring some laughs though the back and forth between she and me.

      And yes, forget about NSA surveillance, Google and Facebook and yahoo, and more that I forget probably know more about your likes than the government.

      1. Hahahahaha yeah reading you I m sure you come from her. But she is another level of cute your just…cute! See the difference? Hahaha . No but did she understand how google works atlast? Hahaha

      2. It has become her hobby to insult the computer, quite strange when you walk in to a room and you see your own mother screaming like a mad woman at a computer as if it was a person…..

      3. Hahaha your joking right? Right? My grandad was once having a convo with siri and it was hilarious haha
        Siri just kept Google searching xD It was funny haha

      4. I probably was joking…..but later on the day I told her about those wrist bands that keep up with the calorie count, and she did say “why do I need that stupid thing, I know that if I eat a hamburger the calories go up and if I eat salad they don´t go so much up, and if I exercise they go down, what a torture to constantly have to look what your weight is and calories going up and down”. And I actually agree with her on that. She´s quite the comedian really.

      5. Yeah I m dumb sometimes like that. Get used to it xD Hahaha I totally agree! It is torturous like why would you even want your life in numbers! But yeah for health conscious people…its a boon. My gran dad is totally like that. Haha but she is Soo cuteee charly!!

      6. They´re the same, fox are a variation of dogs sort of like the chimps and humans…..well is not my fault! You should specify what the hell that thing is. Although I do like the “do do” thing, so then cute as the FOX I see in your gravatar and now again- 😉

      7. Hahaha hell no they aren’t same! Good try saving yourself there xD Aww I’ll keep calling you do do then 😉 Well your gravtar is blank geez get something on it atleast xD

      8. No is not, it only shows my face in certain blogs ( have no idea why) but if you put the cursor on the gravatar it eventually will show my beautiful face, if not go to my comment section of my blog, and why in the world does it only show in some blogs and not in others? Gonna sue wordpress for not promoting my face.

      9. Oh yeah I just saw! Ayyy saw the pic out there too! Gotta say quite the charmer huh xD Well WP wasn’t showing the comments I received for a while. Totally should sue WP ! (Discusses this on WP like a badass xD ) haha

      10. I don´t know what these people do but for example I can´t see the feeder in this computer which is a Mac, I can´t see the little bell on the top right corner telling me I got a notification so I literally have to type “” to see what´s going on, so no wonder I take sometimes to long to respond. But it doesn´t happen with the PC, which the freaking thing is broke again ( I do not recommend buying a computer in a second hand store) and God knows how much it will take them to put a new hard drive.
        So we can sue wordpress and then the guy who sold me the computer

      11. Hahahaha that happened on my phone it showed and notified me I had comments but when I opened the freaking thing went like there is nothing! I deleted the app n re installed so that’s good! But but second hand shit is cheaapp! My PC is broke too so I know what you mean. Kinda got used to the laptop now xD The poor comp guy won’t have much money anyways. Lets Sue WordPress we ll get monneeyy! Haha

      12. Yes do do pu, and is proven that women are no so productive in the workforce, you have kids then that time of the month when you go all nutty, there is a study by Harvard that analised those things…….or was my study? 😉

      13. Oh we are not so productive? Wouldn’t that be cause of having bear all the co workers hitting and bosses taking chances on you? Nope that doesn’t hinder at all. Maybe it’d the fact that we have to fight a lot more for promotions? Nah. You say it is the fact that we need to make the world work and keep it alive for more centuries. Totally that’s the problem. Oh and I bet you wouldn’t even know when the time of the month is for most women so yeah. We are efficient enough thank you. Analised? Hahaha bet its your own 😉

      14. I to tired to now to make arguments. Although I have to say in my favour that I´m a master in arguing the absurd and making it rationale. But right now by brain is too tired. Another day I´ll write to you a thesis about the subject.
        I loooove woman! What would we do without you.
        You do know that behind a succesful man there´s a woman. So really is the woman that got him there.
        Did you just end by saying Analised?
        Try this, being in San Francisco, full of communist in a philosophy class, they give you 3 philosophers each one with 3 of their philosophies. And the teacher asks that you do a paper as to weather is justifiable to kill non combatants in a war zone. The obvious and most easy route would say it´s not right using those three philosophies by the 3 philosophers, the hard route is to make the argument that is perfectly fine to kill non combatants in a war zone. In a class of 30 something I was the only one who took the hard route that it was fine to kill non combatants people in a war zone. And even with my communist professor ( great guy by the way, a fair guy even though politically we didn´t see eye to eye, but he did smoke some good weed 😉 ) he gave me a B+. I should have gotten an A+ if you ask me. So trust me that if I get serious no person in the world can beat me in arguing any subject, I may agree with it or not, and even if not is the best, since it´s a nice test for the head, makes my two neurons work from time to time. But today, is thanksgiving eve, so….I´ll let you win for now. Here you go a wink 😉 and also a ❤

      15. Oh really? That’s rather interesting. I had a class thing where I had to prove the impossible. Like How did Michal Jackson affect the rains in africa. Or something like that. I did pretty good in it. And yes I love arguing too. You should really bring it on sometime xD It’ll be good fun.

        “I could win but wouldn’t try so I’ll let you win” doesn’t work! I won fair square haha. I bet I can challenge you atleast xD Hahaha why am I getting the heart now huh xD Thanks tho !)

      16. I let you win only because you´re a woman.

        Now time for dinner, it´s 9 p.m here in the land of the wild bulls a.k.a Spain. Late right compared to the U.S dinner time? That´s how cool we are here in Spain, we wrestle with bulls and have a national festivity called “la tomatina” were we through tomatoes in the thousands.

        Have a great Thanksgiving Jade.

      17. You don’t let me win. I won won! xD Oh your from Spain then huh. You guys even have like a festival where you all leave wild bulls behind people right? Well idk bout US time I am from India xD Like the tomatoes we have a festival where we play with colours called holi! And there is the festival of lights called Diwali xD We are just that cool too 😉 Thanks charly! You have a great thanksgiving too 🙂

      18. You´re from India? So over there is 4 hours and 20 minutes more than here, so if here right now is 9:10 a.m over there is 1:30 p.m which means that yesterday you are a night awol, you party girl! I do know about Diwali, actually there are quite a lot of people from India that I have met in wordpress.
        But I´ll you can´t beat our festivities, we are way way much more cooler, and as you can see we run around with bulls that´s why they call us “hot blooded”.

        P.S. I did let you win.

      19. Oh yes I am! Geez your a stalker but yeah I don’t use my phone for a while when I wake up so yeah therefore the late reply xD But yup a nigh owl here haha. Oh that’s great I ve met my share of Indians too.
        Oh we have alot more festivals than that I bet we can beat risking our lives with wild animals!

      20. Really, you´re from India and you´ve met your share of Indian too…..that´s kind of weird don´t you think.

        You may have more festivals, but I guarantee you, I bet my house (if I had one) and my car ( if the police gives it back to me) and my life (which won´t last too much) that our festivals are way much fun. That I can promise. You should come one day, you´ll have the time of your life. Yeeeeeeha!!

      21. Hahahahaha met my share of Indians on WordPress. Thought u d understand for the conversation. Oh well xD

        Hahahaha seems u ve already lost them on a bet or prob will xD So itsnt much Ur betting now is it? haha . I certainly won’t enjoy watching people dying cause of bulls or getting horned on their asses haha. But yuup i wanna come to spain! It seems like an amazing place. And then the travel bug has bitten me too so I shall some time!

      22. I´m just trying to live life to the fullest, every day you´re on this earth is a miracle. People don´t realise that until they have been near death, and in my case I lost count of how many times it happened.
        So, happy pappy!!!
        By the way, in my time I did run with the bulls and I got to know them pretty well, we even stopped and talked a bit about life. They told me they where tired of running through some streets they really didn´t know, I said I felt his pain. So we are on good terms is what I´m saying which means no horns up my ass.
        So if you one day decide to come, I´ll make you run with me, or maybe carry me since I have a broken ankle but either ways you´ll get in there in the pit with them.

      23. Yeah I know I also think we are here for experiences good or bad. We are here to feel. Aww poor bulls dint you have a drink or two with them? Ayy wasn’t carrying the guys job? Geez charly I gotta do that too! And no way am I going anywhere near that. I live life thanks xD

      24. Yo! We are in the year 2015 and don´t you women want equality? So you carry me around and then invite me to a restaurant and pay the bill. How´s that for the equality your gender so much lounges for….ha ha, got you there 😉

      25. Hola! Sorry for the late reply xP Maybe it is true chivalry really is dead now isn’t it ? xD We can have equality in many other ways. This is a classic sign of respect xD Na da not so easy honey bells 😉

      26. Hahahaha just my hearts finding cause darling is such an original word. Nah I know cool people like us don’t need to be high to be crazy xD

      27. I´ll adopt one, one of those poor bastards that nobody likes and is sitting in some place for the vets to put down. I get my best friend and he gets to live. Win win situation

      28. Well that and about 1000+ girls that are still crying about me, still thinking “where did he go?”. Once you go with Charly you´ll never return to your husband-ly or boyfriend-ly.

        By the way, why pick a fox for the gravatar? You don´t like dogs….

      29. Hahaha 1000+ girls have survived you? xD I am single lady thank you!

        Good question but I think foxes are cunning and this particular one looked cute too so I was like…why not! Dog is too mainstream for me haha. Fox is something different you see!

      30. Hahaha I’ll take that as a compliment! 😉 BTW I am just increasing your comments out here! Whose the cunning one here , making the convo flow? Haha. Nope it unfortunately doesnt. you ve never of blondes?

      31. Hey,if you don´t try you´ll certainly never know. Worst thing in life is not to try something that you would like to do, pretty much makes you a coward in my mind. I hate cowards.

      32. In my head you should try everything but put yourself into only a few otherwise you’ll end up trying everything and ending up with nothing. Not trying will end up with regrets too but if you do try something put everything in it or don’t. That’s my thinking

      33. Ofcourse, if not I wouldn´t be writing here with you when I could be doing a ton of stuff like….watching a Hitler documentary in the History Channel

  3. Well you know shez right!!! Google knows much more than we think! there has been a serious debate on this topic and its a complicated issue – btw shez super cute 🙂

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