Hell yeah! Told you and your bra I was gonna make it out
Packing my last little stash of thing, not much to carry
around, but that is nothing to frown. See the first bag,
that is my workstation portable creation of laptop computer
inside, and that is my pride. The rest is, well clothes:
6 pair of socks-check
6 cool sexy underwear- check
6 t-shirts- check
6…I´m getting bored….anybody snored?
Hell yeah! weeeeha!
Tomorrow after spending over a month of bouncing with out
cool moves of dancing I finally got my own room, in a nice
cozy little place, without a trace of fucked up criminals and bitches
around, wich was where you could have me found. But not now, got my
place, I should add that the girl renting it is, sexy mexy texy!!
But more important, no criminals and bitches around, just me finally.
I can be calm and hear my writing sound while only paying 130$ of crown

So see ya tomorrow, without sorrow, forgot, and is a damn big room,
for me anyways, has wifi, so no running around to screwed up internet
caffes, what a messess- and is calm, calmness!! Tomorrow calmness!!
And back to work,cause I´m a writer dork.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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