7 days

Seven crucial days of not smoking,
not drinking, detox of my own, in bed.
Seven crucial days of no medicine for my addiction,
normally is tranquilizers but not this time, I had to deal with my own mine
of, irrationality, tremors. Seven days have passed, and like a cave man
I got out to see other caveman. First get out of bed, shower, e.t.c and move
out into this world of wild animals. Thank goodness I had a room and a bed this time.
Seven days.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Well done Charly, and setbacks is for the living. It will always be set backs in every skill and in health and in lov and you name it. The important thing is to do like you do, go out there again….and again.. You can do this. Hugs.

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