Laura the butcher(50 word story)

The door bell rang, Laura stopped cutting a piece of meat and opened the door.
To the surprise of his friend Frank her white sweater was covered in red,
Frank laughed at her simple explanation and left, she returned to cutting up
her now ex-boyfriend Mike who had been late for dinner.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Sure, but I can´t see the reviews. I have to pay 50$ to Amazon for a year and I don’t have a credit card for now. Yvette would see it when she has time to get herself into the account she created. Hopefully I´ll get the card soon and pay those 50 bucks so at least I can track a bit what people( if more people read it apart from you and my mother) have to say about it.
      But please, a review would be great. Maybe Yvette sends me an email with it or somehow I´ll have to manage to make things work for now. Again, please send a sincere review, good-bad-ugly-inbetween. (good if it´s possible, extremely good better than Shakespeare I would say)
      Thanks again, looking forward with time to see reviews. And I don’t care if they are bad, it´s the only way to improve.

    1. I knew it, I kneeeew it! The poor guy comes home late and she eats him as dinner but is the fault of men!!! 😉
      Actually I was sitting around wondering for inspiration and came my exgirlfriend to my head, she didn’t go to that extreme since if not I wouldn’t be writing but she was quite extreme to say the least, so thank you to her. She at least gave me a bunch to write about. I should make a short story about that relationship, crazy is an understatement.

    1. I was sitting in front of the computer thinking what to write about, looking at the dog next to me snoring, looking for inspiration, and…wham! Suddenly my ex-girlfriend popped to mind, the dog kept snoring so no inspiration from that one, I believe she is capable of murder so I just wrote that as it came. Although not easy to keep it that short and make it a bit interesting(hopefully). So I have to thanks the nutcase of my ex, I can laugh now but at the time I literally ran out, you talk about crazy…that´s an understatement for her. And she did seem very normal at the beginning. Now she gives me inspiration, so thank you my lovely crazy ex girlfriend. If I write a short story about that relationship I guarantee you that people would think is fiction.

      1. The dog keeps on snoring, the freaking bulldog does not stop snoring! Maybe she (the dog) has some sinusitis problems… I’m going to buy something in the pharmacy or maybe just put her out in the patio now that it´s freezing cold, she might learn the lesson. Tough love.

      2. True, I didn’t look it that way…..I´m safe with her!…..although she has a habit of eating my shoes, so I have to live them on top of the tables. When people say what’s with the shoes on the tables I just say that is a new art form from I invent a name of some country, and that they are not sophisticated.

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