Walking away from you

My heart beats boom boom boom
You make me get a broom
At high rate speed heart goes zoom zoom zoom
Makes me want to sweep with my other broom

You are adding gasoline to my fire
I´ll just cut the wire

I´m walking away from you
Seems now the sky is blue

Interesting adventure
Didn’t paid good dividends your nature

I´m easily walking away from you and Happy Valentines Day.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. You got me, yes inspired by those guys, but the truth is that I first inspired them with this one when he was in love, seems he is not now anymore, but I was the inspirator. Damn woman! You got me…. you could have kept it to yourself….evil women 😉
      love ya!

      1. Lol! They’re great live if you ever get to see them! Sorry… Have no filter… 🤪 But it’s a good thing!!! I liked it more because I could hear the melody. Listen to their other stuff? Love ya too!!! 😘😘

      2. Yes, studied as a teenage in the U.S, almost one year sting at a university there, and back to my home country do to the lack of resources to pay the university.

      3. Studied in NY and CA (San Francisco), I did like it, the U.S system was much more suited for a person like me. I actually excelled in my high school years, got a scholarship to go to the University of California San Francisco which I did an almost one year sting, just 2 trimesters

      4. Although given a choice between Spain and the U.S, in a heartbeat I´d return to the U.S, I was young and dumb and screwed up my chances to have a career there. Life.

      5. To your open arms? If that’s the case I´ll swim the Atlantic battling it out with sharks and then as I get closer to the coast and have the coast guard shooting at me I´ll eat the bullets and then spit it out at them. Hope you live near the east coast so I don’t have to walk too much inland…..
        I should write some shaky story like that.

      6. What’s with you people LMFAO…. can´t people write now a days, and the emojis? Jeeesus, I have already said this to a lot of people but I´ll say it again, when I become the president of the universe I´m taking out the wassaps out, and make every one write at least 4 hours a day with pen and paper.
        Probably the suicide rate will go up though…. 😉

      1. Appreciate it…. Freddie!!!! And I also loves yours, mother introduced me to him as a kid, she loves it and I find him a great artist, he not my day to day listening artist but when he pops up, it reminds me of those times as a kid going in the car to school my mother driving and blasting the music to the 100% decibel in the car, quite the show when she actually entered the school to drop me with the music so loud. Good memories you bring me.

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