Everything is special

what the fuck is she doing there like that? because everything is an indulgence
so lets begin

Today is earth day! … please explain to me what that shit means.
You put some more flowers in the garden I guess.

Yesterday I saw in another blog it was Poetry month,
that’s nice so it means you are not going to write more in the next month.

After the other day it saw a womens day….last time I checked my landlord is
quite a smart lady and she will insinuate very nicely and effective, she thinks,
that i pay her more.

Then is was… the monkey day, we just talked like monkeys to feel like they were one of us.

The other day was my birthday, so why the fuck don’t you just make a big birthcake,
Charly the Priest birthday punk, just have fun, enjoy and make the whole month count

by the way there is also a month called “love and peace”, google it up if you could please….
really, what the fuck.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Yes! Wouldn’t it be joyful? The good news is I worked hard in the garden all day which lead to a good sleep and I woke up unannoyed…

      2. You too like gardening? For me is therapeutical really, I can spend hours in my mothers house (kind of pathetic but she is the one that has a garden) plus obviously she is getting not younger and needs help with that thing, so yes I like gardenning, and I’m nt talking about putting a flower here or there, it is rough specially now with the sun hitting my incredible beautiful body, but I find peace there, is me against the plants, grass, cleaning this thing out and the other e.t.c., takes my mind out of other things

      3. I love it.. I was out there for 7 hours.. trimming, mowing and moving stuff around.. it’s so therapeutic.. the things in common..

      4. Ok.. I’ll be wearing a big red and green dress with xmas lights in my hair..

        P.s. I am unsure you could handle being married to me….

  1. Not disagreeing but the point is to bring awareness to those unaware. Also bring discipline for the lazy who do not participate in keeping the world or participating in the arts or perhaps that is harsh, hence we have mental health month too. For those offended by every pin drop. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ i have depression but really do not need a month highlighting my misery or make other people miserable which i often do. At least i think so…anyhow enjoy everyday as we can celebrate life which is poetry, gardens, music…ok i am sure you get the jist.

    1. Got it, and I appreciate you sharing this with me, and probably quite some other poeple.
      So you too like gardening? I love it, I might sound a bit of a wussy, but I love it, takes my mind out of dark places, specially also since I have the dog running around me.
      Depression, I can truly understand trust me, but one day I was literally in bed wich was where most of my time was passed and said to myself, ge your white and beautiful white ass out of here. Obviously each person is different, I just decided to things not bring me down, but it took some time to get my pretty ass moving.

      1. I garden in honor of my grandfather who was a farmer and a really long story but growing up i was embarrassed my dad never graduated from high school and so when my grandfather committed suicide I saw life in a whole new way. Lots of great memories on the farm…

        Congrats to you!! Depression has a hard time hitting a moving target, at least my therapist said this. It can be difficult at times but way to go to you, fighting back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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