the 90%

I would add 10% more. And in case of more I should add I wrote this yesterday,
having trouble sleeping, because of guess what? Alcohol, harder than I thought
to be on my own and not drink that devil drone. Working on it, if this guy can
do all that he does all screwed up, what is my excuse?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Keep strong Charly! Do not relapse as people you love and who love you like your mum must not be let down. Think of my orange cat…Garfield…haha😁Chew gum or have a snack or better yet, go for a jog! 💪💪💪

      1. LOL! We have been “out” of bubble gum since it was banned in 1970s. Which is good as we do not have goo or chewed up gum stuck on seats of buses, tables, or cinema seats! Oh I know….be like that old fashioned cop called Kojack who suck lollipops and solve crimes LOL!

      2. So the cat is a girl, but you write like a guy….sometimes, just something I picked up. By the way I did read your post today, and you did say you are a woman? Anyways didn’t you know that the best detectives are the ones who use lollipos while smoking…just old schol.

      3. Yup! The cat is a gal Charly😊true also about detectives who use lollipops are the best ones…the thinkers…so go get yourself some of these perhaps and limit self to one a day else sugar too much haha😉

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