serendipity (poem)


Serendipity being part of life
effect can be to let us strive
we can encounter happiness
we can also, see nothingness

Serendipity first used by Horace Walpole, what a name…ugly as a pole
used in a letter, that was great, used in a letter that seemed to do no better.

It came from a Persian fairy tale whose heroes where always making,
discoveries by accidents, i throw my two cents.

Serendipity, beautiful sound
beautiful noun
not looking inside,of


and will find Serendipity in your mind.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Forgot.
      The key, in my humble stupid opinion, is to have your eyes open “Staying Frosty” I wrote a post of the true meaning of the word “Stay Frosty” and it doesn´t have anything to do with being cold.

      1. I read that post about that. And I love your boss in the army for saying so to you. After reading about it, for me, this expression stands for compassion and a view of reality when it is at its best. There includes a lot in those words.

        I still use that expression in my mind when I shall do something I’m afraid to do.

      2. By the way, I’m soon following your blog with my new blog 🙂 ..keep your eys open so you recognize me.

      3. did it work?

        If not, just click on my name pank i kubik here, and you get to my blog.
        Tell me what you think about it

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