On the brink (prompt)

A great prompt by…Friday Flash – Shattered | The Dark Night Chronicles

He walked the long dim lit hallway
Other inmates yelled his name
He knew one day this will become his reality sway
It was time to take full on his blame

They shackled him to the chair

He could feel the leather straps burning on his skin
He looked at the audience and he just had a grin

Eyes looked straight at the audience
Who had come to see his last act of conscious

The clocked ticked
as he predict
phone call came in
Governor´s pardon was in

He smirked
The audience jerked

The three little girls he brutally sexually abused and killed
They´re families now will not have their wishes fulfilled

Shattered  life´s all around

He would live for now in his tiny dingy cell
Until the day he would escape and keep  raising hell

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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