Yo….. stop


I think the “little girl”, would like to sue me
and make me an adopted son of…..gleee! hahah

Not her name in it
Not her face in it
So I’ll just go and hit it!

Crazy mother fucking bitch
this was the one that put me to trial on false charges
if you don’t mind I have the paperwork that says
not so intimately
she is a whore really
not because I say so you silly
she is actually a professional whore
and me the dumb ass poor
so out she goes in my mind
but hold it there on time,
she did provided me with a lot of writing material
so now I’m a writing killer serial,you
so thank you….. whatever your name is.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Hey bitch, don’t call my mother nor me, 99 calls in one day, a nutty case
apart from me you couldn’t find.

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