I’m sexy and you know it

By the way who the fuck stands in front of the computer to take pictures of one self…. Jeeeesus I’m a narcissist.
Even worst the photo appear on the bottom of the page so we got to engage.

So here we go not thinking but I’m drinking
She said she loved me and it was with me
She said she fucked twice a day and I was rolling in hay
She said…. Yo sexy!
I said…. I’m sexy and I know it
To be not discrete
Take a beat
And here we are
With a sexy star.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Hey you! I’m now I’m sexy specially after that photo that I probably took some years ago and I was high as a kiite….. hey you! I forgot now, now I remember even though I’m too sexy you will give me 5 dollars to do me….fuck me I just said that outloud, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaataho! Yep, drunk as a skunk, and if I was gay I would do you, although if there is a woman involved…what can I say, I’ll ditch you and go with th girl, point being…f…..flfasjlkdjafkj I think it was that one

      1. Holy wakamoly, I just read the comment I send you, yep, it did seem I was high as a kite.
        The only option for me is a woman, when it comes to sex that is. My uncle was gay, is in the past since he past away, so gay or not gay I really don’t give a shit, as a matter of fact I never thought in those terms, I judge the person as a individual.
        Having said that….. did you say you where going to find a girl for me, and only me no threeseome, me for me and meeeeeeeeeeee!

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