Spanish Eminem

i’m the gangsta
although i lost my rasta
curly curly
hair in the chest
i’m so burly!!!
i’m going to battle
with the freaking cattle
cattle cattle
hate that animal gives me the givies hivies
cattle is
my battle
as a gangsta
i will shoot them up
with some spaghetti that is rot

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. What the fuck did I just write?….


      1. Na, I have the weapons of rifles and guns, so you’ll be my second in command.
        By the way I did read your poem and commented on it, it think what I said was productive, you tell me.

    1. No worries my friend, I’m living with 3 other people so I come and go to the computer when I can and other times I just shut off wordpress and just write, maybe I become the next…..whatever some kind of great writer wich I doubt but I have fun writing a lone. Although sometimes I do have to tell the others if they could please lower their voices when they start arguing, just part of life, stay frosty, you seem like a nice guy

  1. We have water purifier bro, but water here even in sealed bottles is same, so no use to buy that, and BTW take proper sleep bro, Sometimes our own feelings makes us broken down, but stay strong bro.

    1. I just woke up, do you really see me? In the sense that Im not allb that hard to read…fuck I just woke up thinking it was yesterday but is today!!! Damn, at least I woke up that later on I have to do somethings, but I woke up all confuse what hour or date I was in, it should be funny and I have to write about it in a comedy type of style

    1. My man, the fuck that I am, and asking for help because I know on my own I can’t do it, that for me is being in a way a sorry man at the same time the other part of my head it says that I have to do this in order to keep some kind of order in life

  2. Nothing can beat us except our own feelings, so even how strong we are as guy, but still internally we are still that child who needs our moms hug in such a worse situation. So just smile smile even it is hard..

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