Like a broken clock(tribute to a guy!!!)

RichardAnkersWrites | A Place For Writing, Poems, And Dreams.

I´m like a broken clock
I´m right at least two times a day
Say´s Mr. Richard Ankers that may.
He maybe right…
hell!! he is, that´s quite a fright.

The broke clock thing
was his thing.

He´s the one of the first poets I read
and the bastard got me hooked
to this poetry thread.

I have to laugh at his witty replies
he makes lies look like flies.

I have much to learn to from the man
I just hope he doesn´t have one hand.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

P.S. You´re a good man Mr. Richard, love you in the not gay sense. Or your writing that is.



  1. I think I want to be a male for a week, just to get a taste of that friendship you men share with each other. It’s a friendship that seems so grounded and uncomplicated. I guess it’s easy to breath in that kind of friendship.

    A really nice poem from a great guy to another.

  2. Had never heard of him . . . Thanks Charly for introducing me to someone new . . . I have read through about 6 of his poems & I really like him!
    Great post – love your words 🙂

  3. Haha, brilliant. I agree Sir C, Sir Richard is a craft soul in deed.
    I love him too in the not gay sense way lol but definitely his writing and yours too.

    Howl Frosty my Friend

    1. He was one of the first poets I started reading over a year ago, and since he made that comment of me being like a broken clock, which I found brilliant to the reply I gave him before, I told him. Mr.Richard, you just gave me an idea to write something….

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