An ode to a dead man.(poem)

*Had this one saved in draft´s. You can´t put a date to death, so now we had a call from the girl that was staying with him. Only been in the house for just over 24 hours and now heading back to the south of Spain, directly to the hospital. What a fucking new year*

Screw by you

and only you

I don´t like you.




You´re too demanding,

we´re understading.

Screw by you,

and only you.


Why motherfucker? why?


Been over two month´s already,

And the hole family is unsteady.

You are creating tensions,

And I believe I´m the suspensions.


I know how to deal with tragedy,

It´s been a constant reality

in my fucked up gravity.


I stand strong, but that´s because she´s my mother

and I tremble at the though of her having something other.

She´s not in the best of health,

don´t make her feel more un-health.


I´m pissed off at you,

only you,

I don´t like you.




Rest in peace uncle,

you had quite a run,

and you didn´t brake no anckle….


Up until now, as like every marathon there is a finish line.

So now we reached the time line.

Now is time for us to cope, no hope, still the paperwork,funeral arrangements,not focusing on my writing and blogging for a while, and the will to cope too.

Rest in peace.

 Stay Frosty gents and gentesses