Yo! I´m waiting.

Sitting down and waiting for freaking five hours! Pissed off. I just sit and wait for that angels  voice to come to live through the intercom. It´s actually getting annoying though. Every 5 minutes comes out a high pitch voice announcing a name. The name stands up, I look, I curse under my breath and watch silently as that name enters the doctor´s office so that she can tell you how good the blood samples they took at eight in the morning are going, good or bad.

I´m the “companion” person as they say here in Spain. So I just sit and wait at least with 50 other people all cramp up elbow to elbow, one line of chairs after the other, one line looking north the other one looking south. And since it´s a hospital, well not the healthy go there, so I´ve been staring at a fat old lady with gangrene on her right leg for the past five hours. Hope they cut her leg out, I´ll volunteer to do it. Anything, to get that fucked up leg from my face and the odor is great by the way. Sitting here with my gay uncle at  my side which he stands out like a whore in a 16 year old prom dance. But the bastard is still alive.  He looks like a skeleton though but his  mind seems to be right since he´s back to himself bitching about anything and everyone every five minutes. I just curse under my breath.

Fuck me. And fuck  the great universal health care system the socialist put in place.You´ll certainly get treated, yep,, but poorly I´ll tell you that much. I overheard a nurse that “something” happened to the blood samples, what that “something” is , is anybody´s guess. So fuck it, I just sit and wait along with 50 other fucked up people and hear my uncle bitch about each and every one of them, “Look at tha girl over there, she´s eating a sandwich, you can´t eat a sandwich in the hospital.” And that like line I´ve hard over around 46 as of now. So just sit, and wait and curse to myself. And finally I get fed up with all this shit and yell… Yo, I waiting here!


  1. Charly, five hours is a long time to wait. Get up and walk, go to the cafeteria, or pop in some head phones and listen to some smooth jazz. I am sure your uncle was grateful you were his companion, listening to him vent. He sounds quite engaging :).

  2. The people of the USA are learning. Many places are long waits for treatment. Here in the USA. Turning down young children for treatment. When I was young. Hospital didn’t ask for insurance first. Taking care of people were their concern. Need a re-check of modern life. We are falling backwards in education and medical treatment. I understand this poem. A young 10 year old girl needed 10 million signatures to get help. She was too young to be saved. Is Hitler in-charge of the USA? I hope and pray for better days.

    1. I believe they will come. You´re the U.S, not a perfect country but I have to say that for me it beats any other country I´ve been living in. Even my own country(Spain).

      1. 51 million on welfare and getting worst. Low paying jobs and no opportunities. USA is 17 trillion plus in debt. Spain and USA is in same boat. Need real jobs and hope for their people. I hope for better days. All my four kids from 17-30 had moved back home. I’m glad they are with me. I feel sorry for them. No jobs and little hope.

  3. @john, where Hitler was in charge of Germany. Obama is not the one in charge here. Look past biased differences and you will plainly see who is in charge of policy making.

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