International womens day

I hate women, I was raised by one and I have permenant psychological damage,
I even take care of her now that she is ill.
She put me up, she triked me!!!
Tell her, my mother, that yesterday was a celebration for women,
she´ll just smack you and tell you, you are not human.
Individuals is what it counts.
Just making friends,
do the pretends.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The cross of cavalry

No man and now…women, screw that,
.the quote of cavalry.
Period. (paraphrasing that quote)

Now political correct days I feel like I have to say man and then woman and then….what?
so fuck that, even my own mother would give you a snack, with a smack and forget about my late
grandmother she would give you new found 21st century a real great grandmother,plus a snack, waaack!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

womens day

I´m sorry it was yesterday the day to celebrate you. I live in another type of world and forgot.
It´s 1.29 a.m, hence I have a rhyme. Maybe in the US it´s today, maybe in China it´s not 1.25 a.m,
got another rhyme and my guess it´s that weird people forgot about a womens day.

The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds,
the highest morale and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have seen.
Thank God for the U.S Marine Corps.

Eleanor Roosvelt.

What I have read in Wikipedia she was a champion of feminism,good politician also.
I´m not talking about the Marines only, just to clarify…..Hey ladieeeees!

No Charly Priest DAY, not cool.

Happy Christmas?

I hate this holiday, specially now, mother with cáncer and weak, I have
two appointments with doctors to see how fucked up is my body on the 28th
of this month and this is what I´m listening too, before I go to my mothers
house and try to bring, some joy to the world!

Fucking weird I am.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, Happy Christmas, hope is better than mine.
But I do very much appreciate the comments some people leave, I´m very greatful,
I do hope that for all of you people it Will be a great Christmas.

I hate feminist

O shit, that is mom, she does agree with me but obviously not in pubic.

They call for women’s rights
hence we got the fights
writing this in a poem form
for women,sorry, bitches, of not inform
they know how to manipulate
the debate
try one of those bitches to argue me
and with facts you will not agree
so i did use the word bitch
it just gave the writing in my opinion a good glitch
is your motherhood
debate me with facts
and you won´t able to do the reacts
is true for all human kind activism

P.S: I made good Friends. Have no computer until tomorrow,
tomorrow you will see my eyesight reading wrath.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Anti-feminism + anti-Communism

Feminism in two thousand sixteen
is the new found word for undercover terrorism
by hijacking individual woman
not letting them be their own spokeswoman
is much better to be protected by this self proclaimed policewoman…
hijacking the word equality
for their distorted reality-
equality amongst men?
i can´t see that wild hen
equality amongst women?
i don´t trust a communist cuban

so here it goes as it flows

Cuba, socialist communist
have something of a feminist,
were people are all bunch up
in a group
for a “greater” good
grouping individuals
making them robotic residuals
not letting them exploit their full potentials

Terrorism feminism
wanting women all in the same group
making me get a napkin and scoop
their holy war against evil men driven society
for their own decomposed reality

Each individual
brings something to the table
regardless of gender
if they can´t do it they should surrender
some can brin a Clark Gable
others a jumper cable

The true treasure
that we should measure
is individuality
which truly is the ultimate form of fair share equality.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

This is for you feminist!

Ha! The beauty of having a yahoo account. Yes, I´ve been to that country and not as in a vacation, although you did get a cool tan though. I never cared about the politics of it , I did my job which at a younger age I wanted to do that kind of job. We did our job at quite an expense of human life and that´s it. Key word here is DID. We build schools,(not we per se) for the first time little girls went to school after we got there and after quite a bit of violence to get the nutjobs out of the area(in this case this would be we per se) in order to build the schools and for in this case women having more freedom.

So Feminist, stop bitching in the comforts of your own democracy which is sustained by usually young people who did my old job, bitching about little things if you look at the big picture. And believe me I saw the big picture and is not a pretty one. You have it quite nice compared to women in other countries believe me. So whatever happens to that country I don´t care anymore.

But there´s a hottie walking freely down the road! And too gutsy if you ask me. But there you go. The title of the article which will take you 3 seconds to read (the article)says it all. So I actually contributed my little grain of salt for women, at least one, being able to feel nice and comfortable and feel a bit more free to show off her body. That was neat, with my little grain of salt now instead of not seeing women there since they all wore Burkas, now  I might as well re join my old unit just for the fun of seeing hot Afghan woman.

This was great news yahoo news. Now why don´t you feminist go and protest over the right of women over there? Or do you need people in my old profession, to escort you with a rifle? Stop your bitching and keep your priorities straight!